Monday, January 24, 2011

In the Beginning

In the Beginning (am I being sacrilegious?) I had a dreamy notion of the kind of life I hoped to live; it involved making things that mattered to me. Early on I had little interest in audience, and so pursued creative paths that were most compelling to me: visual art and creative writing. To be really specific I wanted to be a potter and a poet.

I was a double major in English and Studio art. One of two people I knew at the time that were following that path. I had some success in both areas. I published my first short story in the early 90's in a solid literary journal: pleiades. Though to be honest Pleiades is a much better journal now than it was then and the story I published then would never make it in now. I also made and sold a lot of ceramics.
21 inch raku hanging platter

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