Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introduce yourself uh-huh. Devin

Devin Schuyler is another of the kind and talented people who have agreed to read for me. You can find out more about her and her activities by cruising over to the link. 

I met Devin through a mutual friend when we were all taking a Novels class. For me, the class was part of my graduate school education. It was a chance to take one last class with a professor I respected in an area in which I was interested. As part of that class each of us arrived with a first chapter of a novel and an abstract for the rest of the novel. Good For Nothing grew out of that class. 

Devin finished her MFA thesis in 2010. You can see some of it at the link above. I asked her to read for me because she is smart, creative and knows how to critique; but also because she is a force of nature. When she is happy, you want to be happy and when she is supportive, she is all in. I dig that. 

Once I hear back, I will let you know. 

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