Saturday, January 29, 2011

Introduce yourself uh-huh. Jamie

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You may have read in an earlier post on this blog (In The Beginning) that during my undergraduate degree I only knew one other student who was walking a similar academic path. Meet Jamie Lou Thome. We have known one another a long time. And she is my third reader. I think the tag line for her blog speaks for its self. 

Among other things Jamie is an artist, writer, book binder and educator. She was a gallery owner for many years and I was fortunate enough to exhibit in the Vespine space several times. 

Jamie is also the person who introduced me to Devin in the previously mentioned Novels class. I asked her to read for me because she is famiiar with my history, visual work, my writing, and the beginnings of Good For Nothing

But there is another reason. Though I knew Jamie many years ago, and liked her a lot. We were not close friends. One reason for that might be that she was always so happy. And having had a reasonably rocky adolescence I was mistrustful of happy people. I assumed they were lying and hiding something. It wasn't until moving to Chicago and spending time around Jamie as two adults trying to balance life, family and creativity that I began to develop a great respect for Jamie. 

Her happiness is not a put-on. And I am excited she agreed to read for me. I know she is working on edits now and I expect to hear from her in the next month. 

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