Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Introduce yourself uh-huh. Benji

I like to think I know good advice when I hear it, and I also like to put good advice into effect. So when I was told last spring (as I was about to commit to write my first novel manuscript) that I needed a good "writting buddy," I imediately called Mr. Benjamin Chandler.

Benjamin is a writer and a book artist. You can check out some of his sketches, collages, prints and books here if you would like:

Mr. Chandler said he would be happy to read for me as I moved through the process. In exchange I agreed to read and critique a novel he had finished. Reading his novel was a real help, and having his input after the first 60 pages shaped some of my thinking for the following hundred pages. The critique Benjamin gave me at that time informed the last section of the book.

I was fortunate to have the ability to read his manuscript from front to back. Despite having to read my book in unfinished chunks, Benjamin was very helpful. We have a tenative meeting set for his feedback on the last third of my book in a few weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.

Also, If you happen to see Benjamin Chandler don't call him Benji. He hates that. 

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