Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tate Shaw Threshold Tease

Over the past week there's been little development on the literary agent front. One rejection did arrive by mail. I will never get used to seeing my own handwriting on an envelope that I know contains disappointing news. Its like a missive from my future self, and makes me feel tippy and sideways. Luckily, I submitted to only three agencies that requested hard copy submissions and SASE. So I should only have to endure that particular sensation a couple more times.  

Fear not. I have been productive while waiting for the rejections to pile-up. One project I'm working on is a review of Tate Shaw's artist book Threshold. I should get it sent to the appropriate journal by this time next week. Here's a taste of an early draft:  
International travel can be life changing, especially when one doesn’t know the language. In the absence of familiar written or spoken communication, one can becomes hyper sensitive to other sensory input; hoping to glean understanding from ordinary and mundane activities. 
Under these circumstances seemingly aimless meandering can become meaningful, small details become significant and one’s relationship to the world can shift profoundly. Too frequently these observations are fleeting, lasting only as long as the trip itself.

By the time one arrives home, the patterns of daily life can superimpose over the imprint of the transformative travel experience. In Threshold, Tate Shaw has composed a meditative travel log that captures and holds the normally ephemeral epiphanies of being a stranger in a strange land.

Like I said, just a taste. It's a great book experience. Once the review finds it's way to print, I'll be sure and link you to it.  

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