Sunday, February 20, 2011

On a more personal note

Here is the situation as it stands: I wrote a novel called Good For Nothing. I had the help of another writer who gave me advice as I worked on the first draft. I then re-wrote and sent the manuscript to two other readers. They are reading.

I started this blog in order to keep my mind and hands busy while I gained some emotional distance from my manuscript. The theory being 1) This would be a useful stress-management tool. 2) Emotional distance will make the editing process easier. 3) This blog could be somehow instructive to other writers who are considering writing a novel.

In 10 days I will begin a thorough re-read/rewrite in the hopes of getting a very tidy copy sent to a novelist I know who has offered to give me guidance.

10 days until I can dig-in again. I'm excited to move forward.

This has nothing to do with books or writing or art; it is just for fun:

Yo Gabba Gabba - The Ting Ting Remix

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