Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spark (creativity and how it works)

Spark, is a new book published by Harper-Collins that explores the creative processes and inspiration. In general it features content by well known makers of ART, focusing on what moves them creatively, what inspires or influences them, how they do what they do and how they keep going.

Here is a version of some of the publicity which accompanies the book and how it struck me personally:

How did Richard Ford's cat influence his work as a novelist? Not a particularly vital question. However, Richard Ford's short story collection Rock Springs is one of my all time favorites. So I am grudgingly interested. 

How is Chuck Close's portraiture driven by his inability to remember faces? 
I hold Chuck Close's Photorealistic portraits in high esteem. Moreover, his dabblings in handmade-paper portraits in recent years is of particular interest to me. Here is a time lapse vid of a piece produced for Chuck Close Process  and CollaborationChuck Close is not in vid. 

What pivotal moment helped Rosanne Cash understand the healing power of the stage? Though I know who Rosanne Cash is, and I have made some work that is performative, in my experience the stage only does damage to ones soul. Never heals it. 

At first I thought is smacked of a publisher-designed, non-fiction, formulaic, easily marketed book. And I suppose that is largely what it is. Though the impetus may not have originated with H-C. I understand the category of pop-cultural non-fiction is one of the most lucrative for publishers these days. 

But, I have to admit, if I am the intended audience for this book, the marketing is winning me over. 
If you're like me, a creative person who works cross-fields (and sometime cross-purposes) you might find this book of interest too. 

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