Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have intentionally and willfully neglected this blog over the past few weeks so I could focus on implementing edits to my novel. Once again thanks to Benjamin, Jamie and my wife, Michelle, who all supplied some edits and some feedback. I know it is a time consuming process.

Based on general feedback and line edits I completed my third draft and have just sent it away to one last reader, the yet unnamed friend-who-is-a-novelist.

Because it is the first novel I have completed, I feel confident in saying it is the best novel I have completed. Beyond that, I can say the feedback has been largely favorable and I generally feel good about it.

I will let you know more, as things develop.


  1. Congratulations! Big step. Still working on my first. I may have missed this somewhere along the line, but what's yours about?

  2. Eileen-
    No, I did not previously try to define what I've written. Mostly because categorizing is kind of a publishing marketing decision and not really my area of expertise.

    Now that I have placed enough anxiety induced qualifications on the situation, here goes.

    Good For Nothing is a character driven dark comedy and social satire. It follows the existential and deeply flawed actions of a middle age man, Flip Mellis, whose personal crisis is an echo of large social issues.

    Paraphrased from memory: "I laughed so hard I had to put the book down," said one reader. (Really she said that. She also said she never laughs aloud when reading, but could not contain herself in the case of my novel).

    Vague enough for ya?


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