Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Printed Matter and other stuff

A brief update on recent activities seems in order. First, I had minor emotional meltdown. Crossed that off my list. Moved on to other things.

For instance reading rejections to a couple of literary magazines and an exhibition.

I was asked to read a draft of a novella for a new friend. I finished it, enjoyed it, sent edits away.

Also, I put a package of materials together for consideration by Printed Matter, Inc.  For those of you not familiar with Printed Matter it is located in NYC and is the oldest and probably most influential arts organization related to artist books currently in existence. I discuss the organization in greater detail in the current issue of JAB (the Journal of Artist Books) which is mentioned in a previous post. It is worth taking a moment to surf around the site and see what they do and who they represent. If you are in NYC and want to visit someplace you haven't been, it is a great place for those with artsy and booksy leanings.

One of my readers contacted me regarding partial line edits and a sit-down meeting to discuss my novel. That should take place the second week of March.

Meanwhile I am moving ahead with edits with the intention of meeting my April 1 deadline to share the novel with one last reader. After that-time to find an agent. 

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