Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To be up to date is good

If you've been following along, you're aware that I've completed a novel, that I have walked that novel through a series of readings and edits and that the novel (Good For Nothing) is now with one last reader. The last reader, besides being a friend and former instructor of mine, is a very successful novelist and I look forward to hearing from her. She has been in touch to let me know she intends to read it and respond soon. "Soon" is a relative concept. So I am pacing my anxiety so it doesn't burn out too fast. 

This process has a lot of painful starts, productive bursts and then long lulls. In this current lull there have been other developments. 

I now have a kind of official relationship with JAB (the Journal of Artist Books) as a writer of artist book reviews. Related to that, I am using the previous post about Telfer Stokes as a foundation for a brief history of Weproductions and a review of Helen Douglas's new book, A Venetian Brocade. I have a copy here and it is remarkable. 

I've also been asked to "appear" as a guest on Bookbinding Now, a New York-based community podcast posted every other Wednesday, hosted by book artist Susan Mills. That will happen in early may, and it seems that the door may be open for me to become more involved in this project. Though I have done some binding, I am mostly interested in producing codex forms. So it will be interesting to see where the conversation goes. 

I am working on a super secret book review which I intend to submit to the e-journal The Bonefolder. Shhh. Don't tell. 

Lastly, I am working on three artists books. One is mostly complete, the next is a fold book titled Save The Rich (finally someone is standing up for them, poor, misunderstood babies). And a larger project called GunSafe which started as a series of poems and photos, but is developing into a fairly complex accumulation of information about gun culture in America. 

Until we meet again. 

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