Thursday, May 5, 2011

To mention and be mentioned...

So the wait for some kind of action related to my novel goes on. In the meantime I have finished the article I mentioned previously about Weproductions. The title of which will be Weproductions: 40 years and counting. I believe it will appear in JAB 30 if all things go as planned.

I completed my podcast interview with Susan Mills for Bookbinding Now. It may have been a train wreck. It may have been fine. I'm just not sure. Susan did invite me to submit some interviews of my own and I lined one up with Amy Jacobs who is currently at Dieu DonnĂ© in NYC. I have several other interviews in mind. 

Oddly enough, I was in correspondence with Lisa Switalski in Miami, and she mentioned her capacity as guest editor for the Friends of Dard Hunter on-line journal Bull and Branch. She asked if I was working on any paper making related projects and I suggested perhaps a tie-in with the Bookbinding Now podcast. She seemed excited. The deadline is fast approaching and so I am all over it. 

Also, I was barely mentioned in this fine interview with a very fine artist, with whom I have recently entered into a new collaboration.  

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